A bunch of sad BEFORE pictures that give us hope.

The following, for your viewing horror, are the pictures from our house’s listing.  (So don’t go blaming the decor on us!)  We thought we’d start with showing you exactly what our first introduction to the house was, and then we’ll go from there.  As we look back through these initial photos, we’re grateful we were able to see past the horrible carpet, printed paneling, overgrown landscaping, and outdated everything.  Each day as we rip up carpet, paint walls, dig out unhealthy plants, start our garden, and infuse the place with our personality, we discover a really great little house with a really great lot that we’re hopeful will serve us well over the coming years.  But my what a sight it was at first…

Front of House BEFORE

Living Room BEFORE

Kitchen BEFORE


Master Bedroom BEFORE

Bedroom 2 BEFORE

Bedroom 3 BEFORE

Get out your sunglasses for this one…

Bathroom BEFORE


Backyard BEFORE



Basement BEFORE

Basement Workshop BEFORE


3 thoughts on “A bunch of sad BEFORE pictures that give us hope.

  1. What the heck is that blue nonsense above the door in the kitchen?
    Oh, and thank you for sparing us the bathdoom of yellow.

  2. Oh my goodness! I forgot the bathroom. I’ll add that now since the bathroom looks awesome now with our chosen color and it’ll make for a good before/after! And the blue nonsense? NO clue. But they left it here. I don’t even want to take it to Goodwill. It’s so bizarre!!

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