Hi!  Hello!  Welcome!  May we take your jacket and hat?

Can you believe it only took us less than two months to get our home blog set up?  I can’t!  We wanted to get this started during house hunting time, but I’m counting a month & a half after moving as a success.

Here are the dirty details to get us started:

  • We closed on our first home together on April 16, 2012.
  • We moved in slowly over 2 weeks since we had an overlap with our apartment lease.
  • We started projects the moment we came home after closing.
  • Loads of our stuff is still in boxes.
  • There’s no telling who is happiest: Amanda, Lanny, or Willa Dog.

We have tons of goals with this blog, so I won’t bore you with that right away.  We’re just thrilled to have you join us on this journey with no end!

Before photos, a nicer layout, and posts on projects we’ve started are on their way!

Post by Amanda


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