It’s Gardening Time…

At the top of our “must have” list in selecting our house was a sunny yard with ample space to grow food for ourselves.  I’ve been an avid gardener my whole life, and nothing would make Amanda happier than if we woke up tomorrow in a world where there was no other food than veggies and fruit.  Seriously, the woman loves eating plants.  So the lot was almost as important to us as the house, and we’re happy with what we found.  It’s a decent lot for the city of Madison–certainly not huge, but there’s enough space to grow healthy crops of some of our favorites.

When we were house shopping in the early spring, I assumed that we wouldn’t be moved in before planting season, which in Wisconsin is generally accepted as June 5th.  So when we were able to get the house so early, we decided just to do something small since we have so much else to do and I hadn’t started anything from seed yet.  Image

After watching the movement of the sun over several days, I measured out an 8 foot by 14 foot plot that would get above the 6 hours of continuous sun that most plants need. I then took my shovel and carefully began to scrape the soil just below the roots of the grass so I could transplant the grass to other parts of the yard such as around our peony bush, which for some reason had no grass around it.Image

Willa did her part by sniffing every stretch of dirt I exposed.  Such a helpful girl!


Once I had my space cleared, I dug about 8 inches down around the edge and drove stakes into the perimeter, which would be the anchors to my chicken wire fence.


This is me pounding my stakes into the ground with the blunt side of my hatchet, much to Amanda’s chagrin.

I stapled and wired the fence in place, and then covered the bottom with soil.


Finally, just to make an extra challenge for rabbits and chipmunks, I lined the edges with brick.


I’ll get an exciting veggie post up soon!

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4 thoughts on “It’s Gardening Time…

  1. Love it! We planted a similar garden two years ago and just as *all* of our vegetables were ready to be harvested, a family of deer ate every single plant down to the root. It made me sort of hate deer even though I’ve always found them super cute. Anyway, so if there’s any indication that there are deer in your area (and we had fences larger than that around our garden) I’d recommend some sort of predator urine (yeah, that doesn’t sound ridiculous) to scare them away.

  2. Since setting up the garden, we’ve done an amazing amount of planting which I will feature in an upcoming post. There has been some predatory activity in the area that would seem to indicate deer. My neighbor had some of their hostas eaten, which very few species will eat (deer being one). But I’m holding off on spraying down the yard with urine just yet. I did just notice yesterday that a rabbit has been eating my Kale. Can’t say I blame it. Kale is really tasty after all.

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