Unfinished Projects

Basements seem to be the universal place for bizarre doings.  Some of our homeowner friends discovered odd things in their basements (my favorite is the fold-out-of-the-wall toy train track), and we found all sorts of odd things in most of the basements during our house hunting.  Here is the first interesting relic we found in our basement (another post to come on more basement “treasures”).

We’re not quite sure what it is, but my best guess is that it was intended to be a fireplace facade.  However, it seems that after the base was laid, the project was abandoned.  And what was under that big brown lid?  A giant pile of rubbish which the sellers were kind enough to leave for us. It was mostly mortar and bricks, but I also found a toy car, marbles, cigarette butts, and broken bits of plastic.

After several bags of garbage swept out from the inside…

I was left with an empty, awkward brick box in the middle of the basement floor.

 Now we have to figure out what to do with it.  I’m considering just taking a sledge hammer to it, but I’m willing to take suggestions on repurposing ideas.  Leave your vote in the comments!

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11 thoughts on “Unfinished Projects

    # 2 toy box
    # 3 sandbox for basement summer in winter
    # 4 koi pond
    # 5 just kidding about everything except #1

  2. Whelping box.

    Dungeon for Tess when she breaks your porch screens.

    Fill it with snuggly things for Willa to jump into.

  3. Whelping box is genius. GENIUS. Koi pond is gorgeous. What about some sort of lid and using it for a box for blankets and linens? (You can tell I’m projecting a bit here.) Hmm but maybe that’s not taking advantage of the hardcoreness of the brick. Have you considered…making it into a fireplace?

  4. Paint the brick black and use it for the base of a basement entertainment center? Hard to say without seeing the rest of the room. At any rate, isn’t that roundy thing a plumbing cleanout? You have to keep those accessible in case the ish goes down in your main line (or, rather, DOESN’T go down…), so you probably can’t do toooo much with the surrounding space.

    Also seems like a great built-in place for a fire safe or something else storage related. It’s kind of inyerface and all, but put something you don’t need often inside, and put some pillows on top, and you’ve got a reading perch.

    You’ve also got a nice little raised area for incline pushups or the like…

  5. Oh, and did I ever mention the basement in our last rental? Was totally unfinished and pretty ugly, but did have a full-on wooden bar with a fold-up counter and brass railing, topped off with an awning that looked like it was stolen from a Mexican restaurant. All kinds of awesome, that place.

    Come to think of it, I probably did mention it…oh well; now it’s on the Internet for everyone to know.

  6. Ahahahahah I love all of Hannah’s ideas so much. Especially mini mushroom farm.

    But I totes vote koi pond. Though Mowgs might eat the fish when he visits.

  7. yeah, worm bin and mushroom garden combined!

    and with the lid over the mushrooms and worms you could use it as part of an agility course. it can be the table part. yeah this is the best idea! i declare it the best!!!

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