Oh & by the way, all the yellow is gone.

So remember those yellow rooms?  Yeah, those have been non-yellow for a while now.  We haven’t done many home update posts in a while.  Mostly because we haven’t taken the time to straighten things up and take good shots in pretty lighting.  I’ve decided something is better than nothing at this point, so I just took a couple of pictures so we can get this out there.  One of these days, I’ll have the baby sis come take some proper shots and everything will look much prettier.  But until then, check it out!

Bathroom BEFORE

Bathroom NOW

Guest Room BEFORE

Guest Room NOW


Post by Amanda


4 thoughts on “Oh & by the way, all the yellow is gone.

  1. I’m so happy the guest room worked for your visit! We’ll work on getting a softer mattress situation for next time…

  2. I love your color scheme! I’m going to pretend that your house is mine for now because it’s so wonderful.

  3. Thanks, Dylan! That’s so kind!! It takes a while to get set up when you’re on a teensy budget, but we’ll get there eventually. Bit by bit.

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