Winter Update #1: The Basement Brick Eyesore

So do you remember this?


We even asked you all what you thought we should do with it.  Although the koi pond was inspired, the wine cellar was fabulous, and the whelping box sounded practical, the winter ran too long and we needed so “break up” the monotony of snow in our lives.  So we had a good old fashion demolition party!

ImageBeing frugal, I thought it best to salvage as many bricks as we could to repurpose for a future fire pit?  So armed with a small hammer and chisel, we slowly chipped away at the mortar holding the bricks together, collecting along the way.


It was messy and dusty, and lots of sweeping was required along the way.

ImageBut slowly, it began to disappear under Willa’s watchful eyes.Image

Until we were left with an empty space and holes left behind in the wall.  So I decided to take the opportunity to appropriate the paneling from another renovation project and redo the section of the basement wall.


So after paint matching the wall color at home depot, buying trim, finding the old paint for the flooring, and buying a new outlet cover,

ImageTa DA!!! A plain old boring wall!  It may not seem that exciting, but with the added space, we can set up a future entertainment center.  Remember, it’s winter, so even the most mundane task can be exciting when there is several feet of snow outside.


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