Birthday, Family, Food, Friends & Dirt

Our little Lanny turned the big 3-0 last Tuesday.

Blueberry pie!

His parents came from Nebraska for a lovely visit.  They were oh-so-very helpful with home progress (especially with outside things) (more on that later), but we also took time to enjoy the weather and our time together.  They brought Lanny’s beloved croquet set to us now that we finally have a yard to play it in!

Willa begging for popcorn (who could blame her?).

After their departure, brother Aaron & Hannah came for the weekend to celebrate with more fun & food.  Like these delicious cheesecake bites that Hannah & I concocted (shortbread, honey chevre, & homemade garden rhubarb-strawberry sauce)!

And spring rolls, of course.

We threw our first party and could finally comfortably fit a big group of friends in our house (I was having so much fun, I only took a couple of pictures!).  It feels amazing to actually have the space to do this kind of thing.

And my big gift to Lanny to commemorate this landmark birthday?  His very first tumbling composter!  I mean really, how cool is my partner?  No fancy watches or e-readers for this guy!  Just a big bin to transform decomposing kitchen scraps and garden waste into magical nutrient-rich dirt!

We have been wanting to compost for years, and just haven’t done it yet.  Especially since the bulk of our diet comes from fresh produce, we always feel awful sending away all those great scraps to the landfill when it could be breaking down and feeding our plants instead.  There really is no excuse to not compost.  It’s something that can be done on a tiny scale or a huge scale, and there are so many methods and options that really– we all ought to be doing this.  Even if you’re not a gardener, just reducing the amount of waste you send to the landfill is reason enough.  And pretty much everyone knows someone who is a gardener or who has indoor plants or who uses chemical fertilizer.  Compost can be used in place of icky chemical fertilizers and is so so good for both indoor and outdoor plants.

ANYWAY.  Once we really get cranking with composting, we’ll post our findings and progress.  For now, here are some fun pictures of our first experience with the tumbler.

Step one: open lid.

Step two: add scraps.

Step three: make sure to add brown (carbon) and green (nitrogen) materials in roughly equal parts. Hannah helped us find dead leaves around the premises to add to our kitchen scraps to ensure we had both types of materials.

Since we don’t have much on the brown list (dry leaves, twigs, hay, etc.), we shredded some paper bags to even out all of the kitchen scraps and flowers.

Step four: shut the lid.

Step five: give it a tumble!

I hope the next 30 years are even better for my dear, and that he makes the most delicious dirt our plants have ever known!

Post by Amanda